Tuscarora R/C Flying Club Receive AMA Recognition and Reward Grant

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The Tuscarora R/C Flying Club recently received an AMA Club Recognition and Reward Grant for $75. The club is located in Mary-D, PA. During their monthly meeting at the beginning of September, the Tuscarora R/C Flying Club made Jonathan Sommers an honorary member of the club and pilot. Sommers, who has autism, had been attending their meetings for over 20 years. The club noticed his dedication and wanted to do something special for him. Not only did the club make him an honorary member, but the Academy of Model Aeronautics also heard about what was happening and they decided to make him and honorary pilot. Jonathan received several gifts from both the club and the AMA. Among those gifts was a brick with his name on it on the AMA Walk of Fame. The AMA Club Recognition and Reward Program was established to encourage clubs to promote model aviation. The AMA offers clubs cash incentives for positive local media coverage for a public event, public service, club announcement, or other coverage. Click here to learn more about this program.