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The Academy of Model Aeronautics Foundation Torchbearer Program is an exclusive initiative crafted to honor and empower individuals who are dedicated to elevating the world of model aviation through philanthropy. As Torchbearers, our participants embody the spirit of leadership, innovation, and a profound commitment to advancing the art and science of model aeronautics.

An AMA Foundation Torchbearer is a donor who carries the torch at the head of the mission and truly embodies the spirit of leadership, passion, and commitment to the hobby. The torch icon symbolizes one’s passion, commitment, leadership, and unselfish service to our culture and community of model aviators, and the flame cannot be extinguished. 

Torchbearers can choose to support their favorite programs and initiatives: club grants, scholarships, the National Model Aviation Museum, the International Aermodeling Center, The AMA Foundation Endowment, and so much more.


Our Mission


At the core of the Torchbearer Program lies a mission to cultivate a community of passionate individuals committed to the growth and development of model aviation. We  believe in the power of philanthropy to fuel innovation, education, and inclusivity within the model aeronautics community.

Program Highlights


1. Welcome Kit

2. Exclusive Monthly Content

3. Recognition and Community Building


How To Sign Up


To sign up to become a Torchbearer, visit, choose the fund of your choice, pick the give monthly option, choose the amount you wish to give each month, and finish with your payment information. New Torchbearers will receive a welcome kit that is only for monthly donors: a Torchbearer magnet frame, a Torchbearer ceramic campfire mug, and special digital content delivered to your inbox each month!


Fuel Your Passion


The Academy of Model Aeronautics Foundation Torchbearer Program is not just a recognition; it's a commitment to reaching new heights in model aviation philanthropy. Join us in making a significant impact on the future of model aeronautics and fostering a community of enthusiasts dedicated to the joy of flight.


Fuel Your Passion. Become A Torchbearer.