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AMA Foundation Torchbearers are some of our most dedicated donors. Pledging to give monthly, these donors have taken on the honor of carrying the torch for the future of model aviation and for generations to come.

Bren Bailey

Doyle S. Blevins

Martin Booth

Tom Brandes

Chad F. Budreau

Randy Cameron

Bruce Stanley Chmieleski

Ian P. Clark

Scott Cox

Robert Dane

Erin Dobbs

John Dowling

Ken Duddridge

Scott D. Elmore

Michael P. Feitinger

Ben Flesher

Zach Gibson

Harold W. Gough

Charles R. Graham

Frank Granelli

Joyce Hager

Richard D. Hanson

Keith E. Hall

Steve Haston

George Hesser

Dave Hillis

Gary E. Himes

James Hollingsworth

James R. Houck

Daren T. Hudson

Kyle Jaracz

Keith Johnson

Tim Jesky

Douglas F. Leroy


James Little

James Luby

Rusty Kennedy

Ilona Maine

Kenneth Marron

Thomas Mulder

Kenneth W. Narducy

Alan T. Oliver

Karen Pamment

Melvin Pamment

Chrystal Pearson

Paul J. Polillo

Mark A. Potter

Mark A. Radcliff

Lee M. Ray

Janice Reeder

Rea Reeder

Michael W. Reinert

Walter A. Roman

Young Scarborough

Brian Shields

Mills W. Staylor

Tony Stillman

Virgil W. Sweeden

Phil L. Tallman

Christian G. Timmins

David C. Trogdon

Fredrick Weaver

Gary L. Wolz

Albert Ziegler


You too can become a Torchbearer! Visit, choose your fund, pick "give monthly", and then choose the amount in which you would like to give each month.