Legacy Giving

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DAF for planned giving

Legacy or Planned Giving is the process of donating a major gift that is arranged in the present and allocated at a future date. Commonly donated through a will or trust, planned gifts are often granted once the donor has passed away and can include gifts of equity, life insurance, real estate, personal property or cash.

A bequest is the most frequently utilized planned giving method in the United States.  Simply stated, a charitable bequest provides for a distribution of cash or property to charity upon a donor's passing. The charitable bequest provision is usually contained in or can be easily added to a donor's will or revocable living trust.  

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The Anatomy of Beneficiary Designations

Definition of Beneficiary Designations: Beneficiary designations are instructions that determine who will receive specific assets or benefits upon the death of the account holder or policyholder.

Importance of Designating Beneficiaries: Clear beneficiary designations ensure that assets pass smoothly to intended recipients, avoiding probate delays and potential conflicts.