How to Give

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The Academy of Model Aeronautics Foundation's donors are essential to supporting the growth and development of model aviation. These donors contribute to the advancement of the sport by providing funding for educational programs, safety initiatives, and so much more. 

Without the support of our donors, the we would not be able to achieve our mission of promoting the hobby of model aviation and creating a safe and enjoyable environment for our hobby's enthusiasts. The generosity of our donors allows us to continue to provide valuable resources and support to our members and to ensure the sustainability of the hobby for future generations. The impact of their contributions is immeasurable, and they play a vital role in shaping the future of model aviation.

Enter one of our Individual Donor Levels or Loyal Contributor Programs by giving today!


Individual Donor Levels

All donations $5 or more will be listed in Model Aviation magazine, and the donor will receive a donor icon on his or her AMA membership card.  All who give $25 get a free pin.

AMA Foundation Supporter | $0.01 to $24.99

Bronze Level | $25 to $99.99

Silver Level | $100 to $499.99

Gold Level | $500 to $999.99

Diamond Level | $1,000 to $4,999.99

Platinum Level | $5,000 to $9,999

Join one of our Loyal Contributor programs:

Heritage Society | $10,000+

Legacy Society | Bequests



Ways to Give


Donate Online:


Leave a Bequest:

Using FreeWill, our official online free will creater and partner, leave the AMA Foundation a bequest by visiting FreeWill.

If you've already created your will and have designated a bequest to us, let us know by visiting FreeWill.


Donate Stock:

When you gift stocks and other securities directly to a charity, you make an outsized impact without taking money directly out of your bank account. Plus, neither you nor the charity will be taxed on the gains for appreciated assets you donate. Donate stock today.


Qualified Charitable Distributions:

Donate directly from your Individual Retirement Account (IRA) for tax benefits and higher charitable impact, quickly and easily. Get started now.


Donor-Advised Fund:

Use our form to provide details about your intended grant to Academy of Model Aeronautics from your donor-advised fund. This information makes it easier to locate your gift when it arrives, thank you for your support, and ensure your gift goes to the right place. Fill out our form.


Designate Beneficiaries:

Having a valid will in place isn't enough. Assets you pass on outside of your will are called non-probate assets. The include IRAs, 401(k)s, pensions, life insurance policies, and certain bank and brokerage accounts. If beneficiaries are properly set for these non-probate assets, ownership can transfer faster than your assets that must go through probate. Designate your beneficiaries.


Donate Crypto:

Crypto donations are generally considered by the IRS to be gifts of property (similarly to publicly-traded stocks). The process for claiming a tax deduction for crypto donations depends on the value of the deduction. If the value of your deduction is $500 or less, you can simply report the value of the charitable deduction on your annual income tax return filing. Donate your cryptocurrency.


Donate by Mail:

AMA Foundation

5161 E Memorial Dr.

Muncie, IN 47302


Donate by Phone:

Stephen Haston: (765)287-1256 ext. 279

Rachele Haughn: (765)287-1256 ext. 221


If you have any questions on making a gift, please contact Stephen Haston, Foundation Director, at

The Anatomy of Beneficiary Designations

Definition of Beneficiary Designations: Beneficiary designations are instructions that determine who will receive specific assets or benefits upon the death of the account holder or policyholder.

Importance of Designating Beneficiaries: Clear beneficiary designations ensure that assets pass smoothly to intended recipients, avoiding probate delays and potential conflicts.