The Minot Aircraft Modelers Receive Club Recognition and Reward Grant

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The Minot Aircraft Modelers located in Minot, ND received an AMA Club Recognition Reward of $125. The club currently has 32 members and is growing quickly. Members of the club have various types of aircraft including planes, helicopters and quad-copter drones. On Aug. 5, the club hosted their International Fun Fly and had 49 participants. Anthony Martinez, a member of the club, used his drone to take still photos and videos of the activities during the local group’s International Fun Fly. To watch the video from the event, click here. The Minot Aircraft Modelers hold different events throughout the year. The club normally holds an annual event at the Dakota Square Mall and holds an open house in the spring at their flying field. They invite the public to their flying field where they put on a show and teach about model aircraft. The AMA would like to thank the Minot Aircraft Modelers for holding different events throughout the year to show the public about the hobby. The AMA Club Recognition and Reward Program was established to encourage clubs to promote model aviation. The AMA offers clubs cash incentives for positive local media coverage for a public event, public service, club announcement, or other coverage. Click here to learn more about this program.