AMA Flying Site Improvement Grant Helps Clubs Build Stronger

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Whether the project is big or small, AMA supports its clubs.

In 2021, AMA and the AMA Foundation provided $53,497.87 in Flying Site Improvement Grant to 34 clubs across the county, helping them make improvements to their flying sites.

The LoveAir RC Club was one club who received a Flying Site Improvement Grant this year. Read below to learn more about how AMA's grant assisted their improvement efforts.

Reflections from an FSIG recipient

The LoveAir RC Club was founded in 1988 with the purpose to serve northern Colorado as a resource for RC Aeromodeling. Our current site provides an outstanding facility which includes an 800-foot asphalt runway that is a favorite of many RC pilots around Colorado and many other states. We conduct three AMA sanctioned events every year and have many pilots flying at our site whenever the weather is good. So, because of the importance of safety, we felt the need to upgrade our old pilot safety fence.

Figure 1 below shows our old fence. It was about 32 inches high and was designed and installed before the time of 2.4 GHz radios, 50cc and up gas engines, and larger RC airframes. It worked fine for the smaller airplanes of the time, but the modern heavier and higher power planes including jets were just too much for the old fence, so we decided to install a new stronger fence. We included this in our long-term financial plan and saved up funds to help finance the new fence project. WE included in our plan applying for an AMA FSIG and were very appreciative to be selected for a grant that helps us to upgrade the safety of RC flying activities at our Flying Site - Drake Field, Ault, Colorado.

The Project

Figure 2 below shows the crew of club volunteers who removed the old fence. They did this on the second day of the project. On the first day of the project, the fence contractor installed the vertical posts for the new fence in concrete about a foot away from the old fence. The volunteer crew was able to remove the old fence on the second day early in the morning in about an hour. Our club routinely asks for volunteers to help with clean-up and improvement projects at our field. We consistently have great success with doing many of our projects with club volunteers.

Figure 3 below shows the volunteer crew working to remove the old fence.

Figure 4 below shows a contractor worker in the morning of the second day beginning to assemble the top rail of the new steel fence.

Figure 5 below shows the completed new safety fence on May 5th. It is 42 inches high with chain link mesh. It is higher and very much stronger. We are very happy with it.

Fred W. Smith, Treasurer of LoveAir RC Club

Figure 1: The Old Fence - Plastic
Figure 2: Old Fence Removal Volunteers
Figure 3: Volunteer Crew Removing The Old Fence
Figure 4: Contractor Worker Starting Install Of New Fence
Figure 5: The Completed New Safety Fence

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