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AMA’s Flying Site Assistance Program

AMA Flying Site Grants

The AMA Flying Site Development Improvement Grant Program is designed to help provide funding for AMA Chartered Clubs that are making improvements to AMA Chartered Club Flying sites. The AMA Flying Site Grant Committee Chairman is Bob Rachau. The committee liaison to the AMA Executive Council is District VI vice-president Randy Cameron. Other committee members include Bill Holland, Jerry Neuberger, Chris Rankin, and Erin Dobbs.

Congratulations to each of the AMA chartered clubs that have been awarded Flying Site Development Improvement Grants for the 2015 season. A list of award winners can be found on the AMA blogs. The grant was designed to provide funding to AMA chartered clubs that are making improvements to AMA flying sites. This year’s winners will receive a total of almost $30,000. 

Due to the increased concentration on flying site assistance and AMA clubs, AMA asked Flying Site Assistance Coodinator Tony Stillman to join the team full-time at AMA Headquarters. Tony is not only working with clubs to obtain, maintain, and find flying sites, but he is also working with several partnering organizations to promote the positive aspects of flying sites. Learn more by visiting

AMA Flying Site Assistance Coordinator Tony Stillman joins AMA Headquarters team.



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